A selection of toy cameras


I'm Nick Page, a film photographer in Hertford, Hertfordshire in the UK. I take snapshots with toy cameras and vintage point & shoot compact cameras. 

The Cameras

Over the past 6 years I have built up a small collection of Lomography, toy and other vintage and plastic cameras. Holgas (Jack White) and 120 GN, Diana F+, Diana Mini, Lomography Supersampler, La Sardina DIY, Lomography Konstruktor, Lomography Fisheye 2, Superheadz Demekin, Golden Half and Ultra Wide and Slim, Time Magazine SLR, Olympus XA2, Olympus OM10, Olympus Trip 35, Olympus OM4, Olympus OM2n, Olympus IS 300, Minolta Hi-matic AF2, Minolta Dynax 5, Nikon EM, Nikon Nuvis S APS Camera, Olympus Mju Metal V, Lomo LC-W and an original Russian Lomo LC-A and Lomo LC-A+. As well as Polaroids and a Lomography LomoKino. 

A lot of these have wildly inaccurate viewfinders and are made in embarrassingly bright colours! They originate from all over the world, China, Japan, Russia, Germany, Austria. I have also used film long passed it’s sell-by date. I’ve developed other film in the wrong chemicals or loaded the film backwards so the light passes through the back of the roll. For other photographs I’ve shot obsolete film formats like 110 and APS.

my Photographs

I've been lucky enough to have taken part in a few exhibitions in the UK and my photos have been featured in Total Photoshop Magazine, the local and Italian press, on the Huffington Post website, Shooting Film, book covers, cards and calendars. Yahoo currently use my images worldwide for both their email and weather applications. Framed photographs have also been sold to businesses and are in permanent exhibition in and around Hertfordshire.

stock Photographs

I'm a regular contributor to image libraries, Getty Images and Shutterstock. Over 300 of my photos now feature in several collections available for licensed usage.

Get in Touch

If you would like more information I would love to hear from you. I'm always interested in new projects and image requests are always welcomed.