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Kingdom of Fools: Videos

Four videos created to accompany the book Kingdom of Fools.

Why were the first Christians thought of as fools? Who drew the first picture of Jesus on a cross? And what does donkey worship have to do with any of this?



Paul was a tentmaker. But what did his job actually involve? And how did the occupations and status of the first followers of Jesus affect the way in which they viewed ‘church’? WARNING: video contains scenes of a DIY nature.



When Paul went to Philippi he converted a woman called Lydia, who was involved in the luxury clothing business. But what did the early church think of such things? Why was purple so expensive? And what does this have to do with people who call their daughters ‘Chelsea’?



In Acts 10 Peter converts the centurion Cornelius. But would he have been allowed to keep his job? What did the early church think of warfare?



They can also be used in conjunction with the Discussion Guide, which you can find out more about here.

To see them got to the Kingdom of Fools Vimeo Channel.

At the moment the videos are only available online. but I hope to make DVD copies available soon.