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“Nick Page is a real gift, not just to the church, but to all who enjoy the combination of profound thought and a genuinely funny sense of humour. He makes learning a pleasure, and being able to do that is a great talent.”
Adrian Plass

Nick 1 webI speak at many events, from big festivals such as New Wine and Spring Harvest, to church weekends and church services. I also lead writing workshops. Also, I am always happy to support independent bookshops by doing ‘meet the author’ events.

  • When teaching, I try to keep to subjects that I at least appear to know something about, but always try to be flexible and to fit into the theme of your event.
  • My speciality is New Testament and particularly relating the text to its historical context and to the life of the early church. At the moment I’m really keen on exploring issues of discipleship and of the counter-cultural nature of the Bible.
  • Please don’t worry about numbers. I don’t care how many people I speak to. I will bore speak to numbers from 2 to 2,000.
  • Costs are eminently negotiable. I wouldn’t want money to be a barrier.
  • It’s good if my books are on sale. If you have a local independent bookshop willing to provide this service that is great.
  • Wherever I can I will try to make space for questions and answers or some kind of discussion. This might take place after the event, during the event, or all around it. At some bigger events this isn’t possible. But I do try.
  • It’s good to have a data projector available if possible. I have loads of pictures!

If you would like to invite me to speak you can contact me via the contact page. Or sign up to my ridiculously infrequent newsletter.