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The Bible Book

A completely revised edition of this best-selling Bible resource with new ideas, diagrams and illustrations Uniquely presented, this handbook uses modern language, humour and ingenious diagrams to bring the Bible to life.

The Bible Book is a unique kind of guide to the Bible. Informative, though-provoking and very, very readable, this is a book that will help you explore the most famous book in the world. Informal, but informed, simple but never simplistic, The Bible Book tackles the Bible with honesty, humour and inventiveness. This book won’t baffle you with jargon, but it won’t insult your intelligence either.

Nick Page maps out the way the Bible works, showing you the route through and the places of interest along the way. With its illuminating graphics and user-friendly design, The Bible Book is an indispensable handbook for anyone setting out to explore the exciting world of the Bible.

Contents include:

  • Quick Guide – Your at-a-glance introduction to every book of the Bible
  • Questions, Questions – a lighter look at some of those difficult issues
  • Tricky Bits – explanations of things that make you go ‘hmmm’
  • The Route Through – a ‘streetmap’ showing you how each Bible book is put together
  • Landmarks – the important events and themes of the Bible
  • Postcards – introducing the cities and countries of the Bible
  • Details, Details – those fascinating facts that otherwise might go unnoticed
  • Viewpoints – a guide to opposing interpretations
  • Brief Lives – a quick summary of the lives of major Bible characters

Plus over 50 maps, timelines and diagrams, bringing the world of the Bible to life.