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The Dark Night of the Shed

DNOS-COVER-SMALL-185x300The Dark Night of the Shed is a book about Men, the midlife crisis, spirituality and sheds.

There comes a point in life when men realise that things have changed. They have spent years climbing the corporate ladder only to find it was leaning against the wrong wall. The odds of being chosen as the next James Bond have diminished to zero. And they ask themselves a crucial question: ‘Is that it?’

Why do so many men have so much and yet feel as though they have failed? Why do some men start wearing Lycra and running up mountains, while others don a toupée and run off with another woman?

The book examines the key questions we need to ask ourselves during the Dark Night of the Shed: ‘Is that it?’ ‘Who am I?’ “What am I scared of?’ and ‘Where did I put my hammer?’

The Dark Night of the Shed shows how we can emerge from the Dark Night of midlife with a new vision of God, a fresh sense of purpose and, most importantly, a really good shed.

I did do a sort of study guide to go with it as well.