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It’s been a while…

There was a time when this site was an old-fashioned blog, full of ramblings, musings, news items and more opinions than any sane person needs to hold. But that was ten years ago. That was kind of superseded by Twitter, and that worked for me for a while, but then I could feel myself getting dragged down into the mire, so I ignored it for a long while and then, more recently, abandoned it completely1.

I deleted my Facebook account as well.2 And I don’t do much on Instagram today because the marketing has got so aggressive.3

For all that, I kind of miss a space to publish random updates and little snippets I would like to share. So I’m toying with blogging again.

If I do, it will be a fresh start:I’ve cleared out the old site and deleted all my old blog posts. The vast majority of them I couldn’t remember posting. And the titles were alien and unknown to me, as if they were the writings of a different person entirely.

So maybe I’ll be back.

1 I do still have a Twitter account but I have deleted all my old posts and haven’t posted anything – or, indeed, checked it for a while.

2 I was influenced by Jaron Lanier’s book, Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now. And Cal Newport’s Deep Work. I’m not doctrinaire about it. I just feel social media is not good for me. But you do you.

3 I do have a Mastodon account. You can find me at @[email protected]. But I’ve only posted one post because I don’t really understand how it works…