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The Badly Behaved Bible

Thinking again about the story of scripture

There are lots of us out there: people who know what they should think about the Bible, but who actually think something quite different. We’re told the Bible is the inspired word of God; then we read bits which are violent, disgusting, or utterly weird. We’re told it should fill us with joy and gratitude, only to encounter significant chunks that seem irrelevant, incomprehensible or just a bit dull. We’re told the Bible is a gift to us from a loving God, only to find stories where great harry warriors, affectionately massacre each other with swords.

So, despite what we’re told, we end up feeling bad about the Bible.

But the problem is not with the Bible, and it’s not with us. the problem is that we’ve been misinformed. And the Bible refuses to sign up to our expectations. It refuses to sit down quietly and conform itself to our theories and rules. While we’re trying to put it into boxes, its out there untamed, unconstrained, transforming lives.

Honest, challenging, yet also encouraging, this book looks at hat scripture actually is, and how we should read it. It’s all about thinking again about scripture and rediscovering the power of the stories within. Its about reframing scripture: not as a textbook of theology, or a list of holy rules, but as a place of encounter: a place we come to be transformed by God.